Our Products

More than 5OO,OOO different applications to support 83 vehicle brands

It is easy to promise product quality, but it is much more difficult to guarantee it. In Autofren, we control the definition of the material of each of our pieces, the design and production of their tooling and the entire manufacturing process right down to the final product.

Each of these phases is verified by the IATF 16949 international standard, which guarantees our quality orientation through ongoing improvement and defect prevention. Not everyone can say the same.



Although the essence of SEINSA continues to be the same over the last 50 years, the truth is that it has changed. We are 300 profession...

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We are pleased to announce a new brake product, the ABS wheel speed sensors. For SEINSA it is more than a simple product, it is a new t...

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Seinsa plays a very important role in society, becoming one of the most important social agents in its field. Once again Seinsa has co...

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Taking care of you

Commitment to the quality of our products and our customer service


Our first plant in Eugi was later complemented by that of Egües, our current logistics centre. And in 2OO5, we opened a production and logistics plant in Chennai, India, to foster our internationalisation. Since then we have continued to grow and now 3OO people are part of the Autofren team.

15 R&D+I

What we do in the future cannot be improvised. And to be able to continue offering the quality we ensure today in more than 12,OOO references requires a firm wager on innovation. Therefore, every year our R&D+I Division grows and is now comprised of 15 people.