A little history

It takes time to achieve excellence. It has taken us almost 5O years

Autofren was founded in Eugi (Navarre) in 1972 as a company devoted to manufacturing rubber technical parts for car brake parts.

And after almost 5O years, we can say that we are experts in manufacturing automotive spare parts. But we have not got there by improvising. Our obsession has always been the same: excellence. We design, develop and manufacture our products to ensure this. To do this, today we have 3 production plants and a R&D&I team of 15 professionals.

We are manufacturers

As manufacturers we are able to control everything. And everything means everything

It is easy to promise product quality, but it is much more difficult to guarantee it. In Autofren, we control the definition of the material of each of our pieces, the design and production of their tooling and the entire manufacturing process right down to the final product. Each of these phases is verified by the IATF 16949 international standard, which guarantees our quality orientation through ongoing improvement and defect prevention. Not everyone can say the same. So, when we say everything, it means everything.


All of our processes are guaranteed through the European E.F.Q.M. total quality model. We are one of the first companies in Spain to implement this model, which is a benchmark for the leading organisations of the automotive industry in Europe.


Our brand and all of our product references are guaranteed as produced and supervised in the European Union. They therefore adapt to the requirements and directives of the European Economic Community 2OO4/1O8/EC; 2OO6/95/EC and 2OO9/125/EC.

With you in our minds

We have 12,537 references to make your business grow. That's thinking about you


Because we think of you; we want your business to grow. We are therefore capable of supplying more than 5OO,OOO different applications from our 12,537 catalogue references.


Just like our product catalogue, our international spread has grown unceasingly through these 5O years. We operate in 8O countries and are capable of providing support to 83 brands.


3OO people and 4 production plants. Everything all right?


Being close to you to help you in whatever you need and however you need it. This is how our 3OO people Autofren team understands the service. We will be delighted to help from our plants in Spain or India.


This service vocation has made us European leaders in three large areas:

  • Price policies.
  • Total quality.
  • Deadlines.


Innovating is thinking today about what you will need tomorrow

All of our business activities based on one strategic axis: ongoing integrated innovation. Based on the creative talent of our team, we apply it to different areas: process digitisation and automation in management and logistics, as well as robotics in developing products.

Our wager

What doesn’t change when everything changes

At a time when everything is changing, we always wager on what remains: people. People make us be like that. We are convinced that our future and that of our clients’ depend on people, on their motivation and their capabilities.

Would you like to contact any of us? Here you have our contact details organised by work areas to make it easier for you to find the right person.

President José A. Azcárate
CEO Ander Azcárate anderazcarate@seinsa.es
General Manager José A. Espinosa jespinosa@seinsa.es

Ander Azcárate

Director of Strategic Development and New Business
Mikel Azcárate

General Manager
José A. Espinosa

Assistant Director of Strategic Development and New Business
Alfonso Olaverri

Director of Strategic Development and New Business
Mikel Azcárate

Coordinator of New Business and Strategic Development Projects
Mariana Alonso

Julen Ortiz de Murua

Commercial Director Miguel Angel Errea maerrea@seinsa.es
Europe Export Manager Xabier Albeniz xalbeniz@seinsa.es
Marketing Director, National sales and Exports Gustavo Iturralde iturralde@seinsa.es
Export Assistant Inma Goñi igoni@seinsa.es
Export Assistant Miren Lajos mlajos@seinsa.es
Product Department Director Ignacio Gallego igallego@seinsa.es
Purchase Director Cristina Zoco czoco@seinsa.es
Purchasing Logistics and Orders Maribel Seminario mseminario@seinsa.es
Purchase Technician Rosana Fernández rfernandez@seinsa.es
Product Development Manager Ismael Delgado idelgado@seinsa.es
Product Development Technician Oihana Lusarreta olusarreta@seinsa.es
Product Development Technician Maider Urdaniz murdaniz@seinsa.es
Product Development Technician Maria Telletxea mtelletxea@seinsa.es
Industrialization Manager Mikel Turrillo mturrillo@seinsa.es
Industrialization Technician Maite Navarro mnavarro@seinsa.es
Industrialization Technician Jon Burguete jburgete@seinsa.es
Industrialization Technician Gorka Mugueta gmugueta@seinsa.es
Continuous Improvement and Production Process Manager Iosu Burguete iburguete@seinsa.es
Excellence and Organization Director Ignacio Lizaso ilizaso@seinsa.es
Manufacturing Quality Manager Laura Cariñena lcarinena@seinsa.es
Management System Manager Alex Pidal alexp@seinsa.es
Customer Quality Assistance Arantxa Telletxea atelletxea@seinsa.es
Quality Control Technician Maitane Diez mdiez@seinsa.es
Quality Control Technician Estibaliz Iribarren eiribarren@seinsa.es
Quality Control Technician Andoni Iribarren airibarren@seinsa.es
Quality Control Technician Anabel Goñi agoni@seinsa.es
Quality Control Technician Eukeni Vidaurreta evidaurreta@seinsa.es
Quality Control Technician Adriana Voaides avoaides@seinsa.es
Quality Control Technician Izaskun Seminario iseminario@seinsa.es
R&D&i Director Alfonso Olaverri aolaverri@seinsa.es
R&D&i Technician Mikel Serrano mserrano@seinsa.es
R&D&i Technician Pedro Ripa pripa@seinsa.es
R&D&i Technician Ion Ander Freire ionander@seinsa.es
Production Director Aitor Seminario aseminario@seinsa.es
Logistics Director Beatriz Morales b.morales@seinsa.es
Logistics Manager Iñigo Etxaniz ietxaniz@seinsa.es
Financial and H.R. Director Amaya Pidal apidal@seinsa.es
Administration and H.R. Manager Naiara Perez nperez@seinsa.es
H.R. Technician Izaskun Monteano imonteano@seinsa.es
Administrative Assistant Lidia Zuazu lzuazu@seinsa.es
Administrative Assistant Silvia Otegui sotegui@seinsa.es
Administrative Assistant Victor Larramendi vlarramendi@seinsa.es
IT Manager Ruben Iturriaga riturriaga@seinsa.es
IT Technician Labrit Eguillor labrit@seinsa.es
IT Technician Sergio Bordonaba sbordonaba@seinsa.es
Country Director - India Selvaraj G. selvaraj@seinsa.es
India Commercial Director R R Pradeep Kumar pradeepkumar@seinsa.es


Spain and India: 3 plants to support you around the world

If you want to send a query to SEINSA, fill in the form in the “Contact” section and we will get to you as soon as we can.

T. +34 948 3O4 O31
Email seinsa@seinsa.es

Mapa de localización
Egüés. Navarra. España

Assembly and Logistics

Pol. Ind., Naves 25, 26, 27
31486 Egüés,
Navarra, Spain

Eugi. Navarra. España

Manufacture and assembly

31638 Eugi
Navarra, Spain

Chennai, Tamil Nadu. India

Manufacture, Assembly and Logistics

C6, C7 Phase 1
Tambaram, Chennai
Tamil Nadu, India