Our latest developments

One of the main objectives of SEINSA is the constant enlargement of our range of products so that we give our Clients a solution to repair every single vehicle model existing in the marketplace.

Every month, thanks to the collaboration with our Clients, we enlarge our range of parts, and kits for its repair.
As a result of this, we are now pleased to let you know this months latest developments. Its applications can be found in our web page. 

*1 Master cylinder repair kit: D11094.

*35 Brake caliper repair kits: D025308, D41709C, D41710C, D41712C, D41730C, D41751C, D41768, D41806C, D41814, D41816, D41817, D41818, D41820, D41821, D41822C, D41823, D41824, D41825, D41830, D41837, D41839, D025295, D41757C, D41812, D41813C, D41819, D41826, D41827C, D41831, D41838C, D025264, D41670C, D41671C, D41672C, D41674C.

*1 Steering boot kit: D9214C.

There are 37 new kits and a total of 1043 new applications uploaded in our website.

As our range of products keeps on growing, if you ever have problems to find the part, kit or vehicle required in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us directly as it is possible that this product is developed and ready to be uploaded. We will be very pleased to help you.