Seinsa launches a new Web!

We have a new Web site, completely renewed and improved with the aim to make it easier and more accessible for our clients to access all our products.

  • The Web has a home page with:
    •  A search engine for Seinsa, original manufacturer and other references.
    • A Make/Model search engine.
  • In the Catalogue section you can find more search criteria: by application, sub model, engine code, TecDoc #...
  • A new Product section with a description of each product we offer which is also accessible from the home page’s four large areas. Each Product subsection also has links to the Catalogue in accordance with the desired application with videos about the corresponding kits and elements.
  • You can find more information about Seinsa and its team in the Company section.
  • You can contact us through the general e-mail, the questionnaire or the list of e-mails both in the contact section or the Company organization chart.
  • We will keep you informed of the latest developments, fairs we are attending and other innovations in the News section.
  • A new Video section will include all the kit assembly videos we create to make this task easier for our clients.
  • Finally, from the home page you will be able to access the new Catalogue Download section in both PDF and CD format:
    • PDF: Section divided into two parts, one part with different sections of the printed catalogue and the other with the different repair kits we offer divided by makes.
    • CD: Section divided into two parts, brakes and boots. You can download the executable file from our CD catalogue to install the program on your PC.


Following the Company’s philosophy, our product is oriented at the client and we have taken this into account when developing our Web site, we hope it is of great help.