Larraina lost against Hungarian Ese and said goodbye to the European Championship (3-9

The Navarrese team could not win on the fourth match of the Veteran European Master of Waterpolo.


Larraina lost its chance to play for the third and fourth position of the Championship. The team, commanded by Fermín Manso, had yesterday its last match against a powerful Hungarian team, the Ese.

The match started by being equilibrated, but soon enough, the Hungarians took advantage of their speed and dynamism in order to provoke several expulsions in the Navarrese team. With one more player, the Ese could hold positively the situation, whereas Larraina could not do the same. Since the very first quarter, they had to play against the score, and this discouraged the players.


Javier Zabalza did show again as one of the top scorers of the team, as he scored two of the three goals of Larraina. Gergo Szabo, on the other hand, scored three times for the Ese.


After the match, the Navarrese player Mikel Azkarate commented the performance of his team in this championship. “Meeting up the very same team that reached the top Spanish League back in 2002 has been really exciting. We had to compete in the over 35 category and this was difficult, as the teams were really powerful and they know each other quite well. Even so, we are happy for the effort we all have made’’.