Larraina could not beat the powerful Hungarian Bulls (3-11

The Navarrese team lost against the current world champion.

Larraina’s second defeat took place yesterday (Tuesday), as they could not do a lot in order to win the Hungarian team, which has some former olimpic winners.

The Hungarian Bulls were superior from the very beginning, as they finished the first quarter 3 to 0. Larraina got the chance to score, but the ball hit the goal post more than once. The Bulls didn’t lose their rhythm and they finished the second and third quarter 3 to 1 and 2 to 1. Even if Larraina was numerically superior at some times, they could not reach their opposers and they finished the final quarter 3 to 1.

Iñaki Echandi, the captain of the team, positively valorized the experience of the team in this championship. ‘’It is a really beautiful experience for us, because even if we know it is difficult as we are compiting in the over 35 category when the majority of us is over 45, we are improving match by match. We have a really important match tomorrow and if we manage to win, we would want to fight for the third or fourth position’’, he explained.

Larraina is facing the Hungarian team Ese today (Wednesday) at 17:00. If they manage to win, they could have the chance to reach the third or fourth position of the championship.


Line-ups and goalers:

Iñaki Echandi (1), Mikel Azkarate, Ander Azkarate, Imanol Pueyo, Javier Zabalza, Ignacio Aguirre, Txema Florez, Mikel Reta, Dalibor Subota, Daniel Tejedor, Hrvoje Sintic (2) and Ante Bogdanic.

Balazs, Gabor, Bozsik, Bereczki (2), Bekes (1), Barany (2), Csaki (1), Ofner (2), Bonföldi (1), Binder (2) and Helembai.

Quarters: 0-3, 1-3, 1-2 y 1-3.