Larraina lost against Jadran (Montenegro) 3 to 7

The Navarrese team played without Mikel Garay on the last quarter as he got expelled.

Larraina, playing the European Veteran Master of Waterpolo in Kranj (Slovenia), lost against Jadran Veterani (Montenegro) on the second match of the championship. With Fermín Manso’s leadership, they faced a physically superior team, and Mikel Garay’s expulsion made everything too much complicated.

Both teams started very well, specially on defense. Only one goal was scored on the first quarter, by the Montenegrin team. The dynamics were the same on the second one, which ended 2 to 1 to Jadran. It was only on the third quarter when everything changed, when the referees expelled Mikel Garay after a controversial action. From then on, the Montenegrin team took advantage of their superiority to end up the match by scoring three times. Larraina’s players managed to score twice, but it was not enough.

Fermín Manso, the Navarrese coach, positively valorized the team’s effort. ‘’Jadran is a really well prepared team. Our defense was quite good, even if we could have been better attacking. Anyway, I think that the team’s performance has been correct, facing the other one even if we were with one less player at some time. I’m happy even if we lost. The championship is far from end and the players are motivated and willing to win’’, he said.

The Navarrese team is facing the third match today, as they got a draw against Canoe on Sunday, at 12:00 against Hungarian Bulls.

Line-ups and scorers:

Óscar Torres, Iñaki Echandi, Mikel Garay, Mikel Azkarate, Ander Azkarate, Imanol Pueyo, Javier Zabalza (2), Ignacio Aguirre, Txema Florez, Mikel Reta, Dalibor Subota, Hrvoje Sintic (1) and Ante Bogdanic.

Spasojevic, Matijasevic (2), Subotic, Petrovic, Mpdac, Vlaovic, Ticic, Mitrovic (4), Bilic, Sladovic, Kalezic (1), Cepranjic and Radovic.

Cuartos: 0-1, 1-2, 0-1 y 2-3