The veterans of Larraina started the Championship reaching a draw against Canoe

They will face Jadran (Montenegro) today

Larraina’s veterans made their debut in the European Championship yesterday securing a 6-6 draw against the Canoe of Madrid in the city of Kranj (Slovenia). The match was very exciting until the last moment.

The Navarrese team started losing 2 to 1 on the first quarter, but they reached a draw at the end of the second one with a partial of 1 to 2. Each team scored twice on the third quarter and once on the last one. Mikel Garay and Javier Zabalza scored twice each one, whilst the rest of the team’s goals were achieved by Mikel Reta and the Croatian Ante Bognanic.

The match was vibrant and really exciting and each team fought for the win, even if they had to toe the line with one point. “On those kind of championships the first match is usually very complicated –said Iñaki Zabalza, the second coach- because until the eve we could not train all together. It has to be taken into account that we do not only have players of Larraina, but some Croatian ex-players too, and some people is living abroad. This is why we lacked some cohesion at some times, but, in general, our performance was good’’.

Without having much time to rest, Larraina will face today the powerful Jadran of Montenegro, formed by physically really strong players. The Navarrese players are conscious that the rival is complicated, but they will fight for the points. “16 years after achieving the Spanish top league –said the player Mikel Azkarate- is a privilege to have the chance of playing together again and trying to do our best in this championship. At the start of the game we were kind of nervous, which is logical, but we are happy with the result as we consider it fair. We could have won the match, but the other team could have done it too. That is why we are satisfied about the start of the championship and optimistic about the rest of matches. 

The team’s line-up and its scorers:

Óscar Torres, Iñaki Echandi, Mikel Garay (2), Mikel Azkarate, Ander Azkarate, Imanol Pueyo, Javier Zabalza (2), Ignacio Aguirre, Txema Florez, Mikel Reta (1), Dalibor Subota, Hrvoje Sintic and Ante Bogdanic (1)