The veteran team of Larraina is starting the European Master of Slovenia sponsored by Seinsa

The team that got the promotion to the Spanish top league in 2002 debuts today (Sunday 26) in Kranj (Slovenia) against Canoe at 14:00 pm.

16 years have been since Larraina’s waterpolo team beated San Feliú’s in a memorable match commanded by Fermín Manso, who is repeting as a couch now too along with David García, and reached the top category in the Spanish waterpolo league. On that time, the team was named the ‘’Best Navarrese Team of the Year’’ by the Navarrese Government, honouring the excellent season they made. Today, those very same players are reunited again in Kranj (Slovenia) in order to play the European Masters in the complicated over 35 category due to the fact that the youngest player is that age. 

The team, which is sponsored by Seinsa, is starting to compete today against Canoe, from Madrid, at 14:00 pm. Afterwards, until August 31st, they are also facing the other teams of its group, against Jadran Veterani (Montenegro) and the ESE Masters and Hungarian Bulls (Hungary).

The team is formed by Oscar Torres, Iñaki Echandi, Mikel Garay, Mikel Azcárate, Ander Azcárate, Imanol Pueyo, Javier Zabalza, Ignacio Aguirre, Txema Florez, Daniel Tejedor, Mikel Reta and the Croatians Dalibor Subota, Hrvoje Sintic and Ante Bogdanic, the recruits the team got in 2002. As said, David García and Fermín Manso, who impulsed the development of the waterpolo in Navarra, will repeat as couches in this tournament. Moreover, the Navarrese veterans Javier Reclusa, Javier Chocarro, Ángel Irurtia and Aletxu Oficialdegui will participate in the over 55 category along with the rest of the Canoe’s players.