We would like to present the new boot catalogue, with two novelties with respect to the last printed version. On the one hand, it incorporates the range of Repair Kits for Shock Absorbers, complementing our offer of Transmission and Steering boots. On the other, the design of the internal structure has changed to a more intuitive one, differentiating sections for each of the three families of products, including real photos for each reference.

With respect to the content of the previous edition, we have increased the number of Transmission Boot Kits by 90 and the Steering Boots by 195. Along with 220 new Shock Absorber kits, the new catalogue has over 90,000 applications. This way we cover the three types of elements for the most common vehicles in Europe. In addition, we have our range of Universal Transmission and Steering boots.

We would like to remind you that our catalogue is constantly being updated on TecAlliance which you can access directly by means of our webpage, covering all European, Asian and American makes.