Seinsa’s increase in invoicing over the last few years not only reflects the volume in business but also its growth as an organization. A large part of its evolution as a company is based on people and innovation, two key factors in the company’s vision and success.

At Seinsa we are committed to a relational and cultural change in model based on the development of talent which is creative and innovative for its employees both professionally and personally, capable of adapting to a highly complex and globalized world. This gives us the possibility to be oriented and closer to our clients and suppliers and co-create and co-think along with them, creating added value and new competitive advantages.

In turn, in accordance with our vision, the commitment to integral and sustainable development both in the management of people and business development is fundamental to ensure sustainable growth over time, ensuring the continuity and permanence over time. It is worth noting that 80% of the new positions generated are covered by means of internal promotions, with a firm commitment to young people and the creation of cohabitation spaces and the exchange of knowledge with more experienced coworkers.

SEINSA is committed to the environment and society. Strengthening its structure year after year by increasing the number of indefinite contracts and creating new positions, giving priority to people, educational centers and companies which are geographically closer.


“Our people, our success”