The Latest Technology to Control Brake Caliper Pistons

True to the spirit of innovation, quality and service for its customers, SEINSA has recently incorporated the latest technology to guarantee the quality of its brake caliper pistons. An automatic multi-station quality control machine where products are checked exhaustively before sending them out to our clients. If we compare the customary quality control checks of others manufactures, SEINSA’s technology has a unitary control of all parts, providing a guarantee of all key parameters for the correct functioning of pistons:

  • External roughness.
  • Internal roughness (rear pistons).
  • Internal and external diameter.
  • Height.
  • Correct lateral vacuum hole machining.
  • Chrome plating thickness.
  • Internal and external visual appearance (the absence of possible marks, scratches,… that could affect the airtightness of the piston).

That way, when using a SEINSA product our clients know that they have the seriousness and support of a market leader, constantly committed to being your best partner.