Benefits of repairing elements with our repair kits

Today we want to highlight the main benefits of repairing elements with our repair kits:

-          The repair respects local and global environment:

o   By not manufacturing a new nucleus the environmental impact is much less.

o   The CO2 emissions from the transportation of the repair kit (because of its weight and volume) are 80 % less than the transportation of the calliper.

o   The garage generates 75% less non-recyclable waste

-          The repair creates jobs in the immediate surroundings

-          The repair costs 10 times less than that of the complete element, both for the garage as well as for the end user.

-          The repair of a brake calliper with our kits extends the life of the calliper some 64,000 km. 

SEINSA guarantees that the AUTOFREN repair kits comply with the ISO TS 16949 regulations and the maximum quality standards.